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Beatrice M. Hsu
Principal - BA Interior Design

Award winning designer Beatrice Hsu is the founder and principal designer of Isometrix Design Inc.

Raised and educated in London, England with a german mother and Hong Kong chinese father, Beatrice worked in London and Hong Kong doing high end hospitality design before moving to Vancouver in the 1990's.  She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design from Middlesex University in London, England, and has 30+ years work experience in hospitality, retail and residential design, extensive travel experiences, and a passion for architecture.  She speaks several languages  and brings a breadth of international experience and knowledge to the field.


Every project has it's own unique criteria and challenges, and it is our desire to be able to materialize each thoughtful, intelligent and beautiful idea for you and to come up with budgeted solutions that are proportional, balanced, bespoke and perfect for you.

How to utilize space to it's best advantage, and when to use colour, texture and different kinds of lighting can be a daunting task but Isometrix Design Inc. can help you navigate all these with ease."

The definition of the verb 'create'  is to bring (something) into existence.​

'In the beginning God 'created' the heavens and the earth. Gen 1:1

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