Beatrice M. Bain - Principal - BA Interior Design

Beatrice Bain, Isometrix Design Inc.’s founder and principal, is truly a citizen of the world.  Raised and educated in London, England to Hong Kong Chinese /German parents, Beatrice worked in London and Hong Kong before moving to Vancouver in the early ‘90s.  With several languages under her belt, a 4 year degree in Interior Design from Middlesex University in London, England, 20+ years work experience in hospitality, retail and residential design, extensive travel, and a passion for architecture, she brings a breadth of international experience and knowledge to the field.


“Every client, space or project brings with it unique challenges and criteria and it is the designer’s job to bring it to life in a mutually respectful and enjoyable way. Spaces need to feel good. Our job is to make the spaces amazing and it is our goal to exceed our clients’ expectations.”

Lighting and attention to fine architectural detail is of high importance in our projects.  Harmony and/or drama in juxtaposing contrasts such as old and new, light and dark, soft and hard, shiny vs. matt, high and low, all contribute to make a space unique and interesting.

“ Let there be light! "